Greeks find euros easy to handle

Greeks are far happier with the euro than most citizens in EU countries that have adopted the currency over the last three years, according to a new poll conducted by the European Commission. Over two-thirds of Greeks find the euro easy to use while, on average, almost half of the people living in the 12 eurozone states said they faced some degree of difficulty with the currency. Only citizens of Ireland and Luxembourg declared themselves more comfortable with the euro than the Greeks. The Eurobarometer survey also found that some 27 percent of Greeks said they now made all their financial calculations only in euros, with exactly the same number claiming they preferred sticking with drachmas. Unfamiliarity with the euro, however, has prompted over a third of Greeks to rein in their shopping because they were afraid of spending too much. Just over a quarter of those questioned, though, admitted they were buying more things because they could not judge their outlay in euros. Overall, 51 percent of Greeks said the adoption of the euro was a positive move.