Gunman dies in car crash

A Thessaloniki man was killed in a car crash on Tuesday night shortly after he had shot and injured a woman with whom he was infatuated, police said yesterday. According to officers, the 33-year-old man, who has not been named, had met the woman, whose name has also not been released, three months ago but she had repeatedly spurned his advances. When he went to the woman’s apartment in the Neapoli area of the city on Tuesday night and was again rejected, he pulled out an airgun and shot her in the chest and head. The woman was seriously injured but is now in a stable condition at a local hospital. The gunman then sped off in his car. Soon afterward, police said, he lost control of the vehicle along the old national road between Thessaloniki and Kavala, crossing over into oncoming traffic and colliding head on with a truck. The spurned lover was killed instantly while the truckdriver only suffered minor injuries.