From sports to reality shows

One of the drawing points of illegal betting is the fact that it allows punters to bet on one single game and not a combination of three or more (as OPAP dictates). It also includes Greek championship matches. At one Internet gambling agency, Panathinaikos’s victory over OFI paid 1:1.15, the draw 1:6.01 and the double 1:12.20. There is a choice of two categories of national championship matches – soccer and basketball – for all countries in Europe, as well as tennis, golf, track, even dog and Alpine skiing races. A separate category includes prizes for the best player of the year, and options such as «which city will win the 2012 Olympics.» Here, Paris is the undoubted favorite with 1:1.45, followed by London (1:5), New York (1:8), Madrid (1:8) and Moscow (1:18). There is even something for those who don’t care about sports, with bets on the results of reality television shows and the Oscar awards. An indication of the choices available is another option as to whether a specific television game contestant will star in a diet soda advertisement after the show is over, or whether a famous presenter will repeat one of his well-worn phrases.