US decision on name expected

Did the US’s decision (on recognition) on the eve of the crucial referendum take you by surprise or were you expecting it? The US’s decision was not a surprise as I was expecting it to happen at some point, sooner or later. I think that this decision was not made because of the referendum. In its argument, it observed that the decision was made to support our country’s territorial integrity and democratic procedures in the construction of its multiethnic character. I could say that the basis of the decision goes much deeper and is based on values. Referendum This was not made clear, at least in the statements made by the White House representative. I listened very carefully to Washington’s statements. It is true that they referred to the referendum as the occasion for the decision at that particular time, but not as the only reason for it. It is also true that it affected the result of the referendum, though I am sure that the referendum would not have succeeded anyway even without the US’s move. Nevertheless, in Greece the people and their leaders saw the US’s act as a knife in the back. I think it was an emotional reaction. In its argument for the decision, the US emphasizes that it was not directed against Greece. I believe that in the near future relations between Greece and the US will be very strong and friendly.