Fathoming the universe

What about your own research? How will it be affected by your new duties? Will you continue to explore the universe and its secrets? That is my reason for living. I do not desire a political career nor am I connected to political parties in the sense of belonging somewhere. If I stop my scientific work and my research in cosmology, I am finished. It is my vice, my nature. What can we expect from the latest research in cosmology? There is a real revolution going on in cosmology today. What is happening now is more important than developments in the time of Newton and Galileo, because we are now trying to understand the beginning of the universe. We keep talking about the Big Bang, but we are still trying to understand what that was. We say there was a great explosion, but we still don’t know exactly what that explosion was. My associates and I are trying by means of modern experimental methods that allow us to measure the universe 380,000 years after it appeared, to understand just that. We are getting close. We are going back. I’m not saying that it will happen soon but that is where we’re heading – understanding the beginning of the universe.