A must at children’s parties

The culture of reality shows has infiltrated children’s social life as karaoke is now seen as indispensable to the success of any children’s party. The favorite song at children’s parties is no longer «Oranges and Lemons» but the latest hits and the favorite game a children’s version of «Fame Story.» Children give fair imitations not only of the singing style but the image and content of Sunday night’s top-rated show, with judges, scores and rejection of kids whose talents are not up to scratch. That isn’t to say that these young performers imitate blindly. They improvise, break the rules, and judge the judges, but the general framework is in line with the reality show concept where knocking one’s fellow performers, setting up alliances and relentless competition are seen as the natural order. Even first-grade primary school pupils that have never seen a reality show appear to be familiar with the love lives and careers of these shows’ performers and Eurovision stars. Even at the multiplex cinemas, Sunday afternoon children’s parties feature nightclub singers in numbers «suitable for children.» Children are becoming prime consumers of trash TV and junk food at a very early age.