Nicosia urges EU to help

BUDAPEST (AP) – Cypriot President Tassos Papadopoulos called on the European Union yesterday to take a more dynamic role in helping the island achieve lasting stability. «We would like a settlement on Cyprus that is functioning and durable and, besides the role of the United Nations, we would like to see a more accentuated European role,» Papadopoulos said at the start of a two-day visit to Hungary. «I agree when Turkey says they have made a step forward, but they usually take two steps back at the same time,» Papadopoulos said, referring to the Turkish prime minister’s recent call for new efforts to resolve the dispute. «While Turkey talks about cooperation, we see that they are continuing the settlement of Turks and they are cheaply selling off Greek interests» in occupied northern Cyprus. Hungary supports Cyprus’s efforts to restore unity on the island and to further the country’s European Union integration, Hungarian President Ferenc Madl said. Madl pledged Hungary will keep its 80 peacekeeping troops on the island.