Chemicals plant used as marijuana cache

Police said yesterday they had smashed a «major trafficking ring» after arresting two Albanian nationals and the Greek owner of a chemicals business near Thessaloniki in connection with the seizure of almost half a ton of hashish in a local factory. Police were led to the site, in Neohorouda, after catching the two Albanians, aged 22 and 24, with a kilogram of hashish and 2.4 grams of heroin in their car. A search of the factory revealed 416 kilograms of hashish, wrapped in 417 parcels and stashed away in a storage tank. Another two Albanian nationals, thought to be guarding the marijuana, fled the scene when they caught wind of the police bust. Officers did, however, arrest the 40-year-old owner of the factory, who denied having any knowledge of the drugs being hidden on his premises. The drugs had probably been smuggled from Albania, officers said.