Continuation of resolute war against entangled interests

The public is aware that the government is pitting itself against entangled interests, but there is a sense it is backing down. What is your perception? This is a decision I made from my first day (in office) and I have paid the price for that decision. It would be inconceivable for me to change my stance now. I am doing this not because I want to carry out a witch hunt, but because I deeply believe the struggle for transparency has to do with the true quality of our democracy as well as our economic growth. I believe in a free economy. There is no free economy when the game is fixed, even to a certain extent or in certain areas. I believe that this phenomenon is one of the reasons for the low level of investments. This view is dictated by fundamental respect for the efforts and the money of the taxpayer. The battle against corruption is not something that ends from one day to the next. The political will is a given. This battle is being fought and will continue because it is a question of principle, not just a personal choice. I repeat that the country cannot progress when there is inaction in the state sector, entangled interests, a lack of transparency, or because certain people think that nothing should change. If we compromise with that, no matter how well-intentioned we may be, there will be no competitive economy, investments or production. The recent mention of a «war» has given the impression that some people are exerting more pressure and the prime minister is angry. I don’t get angry easily. I know very well why all this is happening and what the motives are. The war, however, is not only on that level, but concerns a totality of factors requiring a mobilization of society. Some say the government is not getting its message across. What can be done about this? I think that, generally, communication means observing the substance of an issue. Therefore my emphasis is on producing policy and work. Communication is, or should be, a reflection of that work. The extent to which this is true depends on the media environment. Certain things are exaggerated for specific purposes. Then there is the unbridled competition for ratings. The media environment is so anarchic that there is an unbelievable level of competition. When I mention misinformation, to a great extent that is what I am referring to. We should all, as a society, be concerned about this.

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