Traffic regulations

All those thousands of billboards on the road should not be there. The traffic regulations make it clear that billboards are prohibited: * outside residential areas, within 150 meters of both sides of the road. * in residential areas where the speed limit is in excess of 70kph, within 40 meters of both sides of the road. * Billboards must be at least 20 meters away from traffic lights. Frames for advertisements no higher than 2 meters or wider than 1.30 meters are permitted on the sidewalk. The overall height may not exceed 5 meters. The frame must be at least 1 meter from the curb and 2.5 meters from any building. Advertising frames on sidewalks must be separated from each other by at least 100 meters. In squares, the only advertising frames permitted are the new cylindrical or triangular «tower» types, which must not exceed 1.20 meters in diameter or 3.60 meters in height. Advertising frames are forbidden in all public spaces such as parks, gardens, woodlands and beaches. Except for the new «tower» structures in squares, at bus stops or on kiosks, illuminated billboards are prohibited.