Cops land prosecutor in trouble

A prosecutor is to be tried on charges of abuse of power for failing to seek the prosecution of police officers believed to have broken the law, under a Supreme Court ruling made public yesterday. The country’s highest civil and criminal court rejected the prosecutor’s argument that he had made a simple error of judgement, ruling that the evidence at his disposal had been enough not only to press charges over possible illegal acts, but also provided strong indications that the law had actually been broken. The prosecutor’s name was not made public. He has been suspended. In the case in question, he had failed to charge local police with allegedly covering up a migrant-smuggling incident, despite having received incriminating evidence from another prosecutor. The police officers are suspected of having freed 20 illegal migrants and their Greek smuggler, on the pretext that the latter was a valuable informant on drugs cases, and then destroyed incriminating entries in the station’s log. The Supreme Court said the officers should have been charged with breach of duty and sheltering a criminal.