Wet sailors raise hell in Hania

Three Spanish crew members of a NATO naval unit were arrested in Hania, Crete on Saturday after they were allegedly involved in an argument with locals which resulted in two Cretans suffering minor stab wounds. It is not clear why the argument broke out, but police said that the Spaniards had been swimming naked in the town’s old harbor. The Merchant Marine Ministry simply said that when coast guard officers arrived at the scene, they found that two locals had been injured after a fight with the «wet» Spaniards, whom they arrested. The two injured men were taken to hospital but later released. Several NATO naval units have recently arrived at the nearby US naval base in Souda Bay for exercises ahead of a visit by NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer on Friday for an annual naval demonstration. In a separate incident, a Cretan taxi driver told police that two Americans he had been taking to the Souda base in the early hours of Saturday morning had threatened him with a knife. The cabbie claimed the men were drunk.