In Brief


Vartholomaios calls upon patriarch to resign for good of the Church, himself Ecumenical Patriarch Vartholomaios late yesterday called upon the scandal-mired Orthodox patriarch of Jerusalem, Irenaios, to resign «for the sake of peace in the Church and his own dignity.» Irenaios – who has come under immense pressure to step down following his implication in the handover of Church land in the Arab sector of Jerusalem to Jewish investors – had been due to visit Vartholomaios in Istanbul yesterday but sent a delegation of clerics instead. GENDER EQUALITY Greek women have poorest career prospects in EU, global report finds Women in Greece have the poorest career prospects in the European Union and generally receive lower salaries than their male counterparts for the same jobs, according to a World Economic Forum report made public yesterday that ranks Greece 50th out of 58 countries. Italy was the next worst performer in the EU, ranking 45th in the report. The report also examined the representation of women in politics and their access to education. It found that women in Nordic countries suffered least from gender inequality. FAMILY VIOLENCE Police to be trained to handle victims Police are being equipped with a manual of instructions on how to deal with victims of domestic violence more sensitively, the Public Order Ministry said yesterday. The manual advises officers to avoid questions that imply the victims provoked the violence and to interview them alone in a separate office, preferably by an officer of the same sex. It also stresses the importance of reacting speedily to each reported case of domestic violence. Tax declarations Citizens can submit their E9 property declarations electronically using a free CD – available at tax offices and citizens’ information centers (KEPs) – which contains a program of the declaration, the Economy Ministry’s General Secretariat for Information Systems said yesterday. Even those who have submitted their declarations in paper form can submit electronic declarations until the end of November, the secretariat said. Turkish violations A total of 30 Turkish military jets yesterday violated Greek air space in the northern and central Aegean 10 times, military sources said, adding that there were four simulated dogfights. Four of the Turkish jets were photo-reconnaissance aircraft, they said. Public enterprises The president of the Athens Water Supply and Sewage Company (EYDAP), Sifis Gliniadakis, yesterday submitted his resignation to Public Works Minister Giorgos Souflias following reports that he had been receiving exceptionally high wages. Meanwhile, seven New Democracy MPs yesterday appealed for a ceiling on wages received by high-ranking officials of public enterprises. Russian boycott Russia has imposed a ban on live chicken imports and eggs from Greece after two chickens in Kilkis were found to be suffering from a disease which, however, is not transferable to humans, Deputy Agricultural Development and Food Minister Alexandros Kontos said yesterday. The Russians said they imposed the ban to protect their country from avian flu, Kontos said. Earlier this month, a shipment of 500 tons of Russian wheat was impounded in Piraeus following the discovery of high levels of the storage toxic ochreoxin. Child suicide A 12-year-old schoolboy from a village near the northwestern port of Preveza hanged himself from an olive tree in the back garden of his home on Sunday after being scolded by his father, police said yesterday. The father had reprimanded his son about a motorcycle, according to police. Star drafted Star pop singer Antonis Remos is to be drafted for military service after an air force committee established that he is in fine physical health, air force sources revealed yesterday. Remos, 35, had secured exemption from military service due to an – unspecified – health problem that resulted in him being ranked at the fifth level of physical ability. He is now due to report for service in Tripolis after the committee ranked him in top physical shape.