Caution during home renovations

The problem with asbestos is so great that it calls for well-organized planning on the part of the state, something which does not exist. So those who want to carry out renovation work, particularly in homes built since the 1960s, should know that their insulation is made of asbestos. Some roofing and ceiling materials are made with asbestos, and it is used in artificial turf and the charcoal sold for use in gas heaters. It can also be found in vinyl floor tiles, hot water and steam pipes built before the 1960s, kerosene and coal furnaces. Asbestos appears in many places, including room dividers, wall surfacing and paints, insulation in metal structures, ventilation ducts, in gaps between floors to prevent fires, roof tiles, doors, electrical appliances, facades and drainpipe systems, water and sewer pipes and window frames. If renovation work is necessary, it should be carried out by an expert team. Metals or other objects containing asbestos should not be dusted or swept with an ordinary broom but with an electric vacuum cleaner. No holes should be drilled in them, nor should they be pulverized. Asbestos should be covered with a special sealant sold on the market. Everyone working in conditions where they are exposed to it in any way must change their clothes on site and immediately wash with soap and water there to avoid taking asbestos fibers into their homes.