3 caught for exam cheating

Police in southern Athens arrested a teenager and two alleged accomplices on Saturday for allegedly using high-tech gadgetry to cheat in a university entry exam. Attica CID chief Stefanos Skotis said the sophisticated scheme fell through early on Saturday, when the headmaster at the Vouliagmeni school where the maths exam was to take place saw a cable leading from the school gates to a nearby clump of bushes. Police were called to investigate and found a laptop computer hidden in the bushes. Officers put the spot under surveillance and arrested two youths aged 20 and 24, who were allegedly operating the computer, and their 19-year-old friend, who was sitting the exam. Police said the cable worked as an aerial that received footage of the exam questions through a tiny camera hidden in the candidate’s pen. The other two suspects were allegedly to relay the correct answers to their friend by mobile phone. All three allegedly confessed to using the ploy during a Friday biology exam.