Delays dog police information system

Two-and-a-half years after announcing a 25-million-euro information management system that would help to strengthen the country’s police department, law enforcers are still waiting for the project, which ministry sources say has been delayed due to poor planning and disagreements over the content details of the tender. None of the three parts, into which the project has been broken, is even close to completion, sources told Kathimerini. Indicative of law enforcers’ desperate need to update their current system is the time lag in communication that exists between Athens police and their counterparts working on the country’s borders. It can sometimes take months for information about stolen car registration plates to reach police on the border from their peers in the capital. Some parts of the project – called Police Online – are progressing, but at a snail’s pace. Industry experts estimate that if the project continues at this speed, the computer system will not be ready for another three years.