Property assets

Has an inventory been taken of the Armed Forces assets? The inventory is very rudimentary and only gives a rough idea of the assets held by the Armed Forces. According to the data we have from the National Defense Fund (TETHA), the National Fleet Fund (TES) and the Air Force Defense Fund (TAA), the total tally of property throughout the country amounts to about 25,400 hectares, apart from military camps currently in use, some of which will soon be abandoned and added to the latter total. We have a huge amount of property of untold value, all of it prime real estate that is unexploited. We have decided to call for bids very soon to find an expert to complete the registry of all our property. Also, in cooperation with the Economy Ministry, we will try to have our own agency ready within the next three months, probably a Societe Anonyme, for the purpose of evaluating our assets. This process should begin immediately so the management of our property can benefit society as a whole, as well as benefit the ministry financially. It would allow us to implement a wide-ranging program to resolve the housing shortage among Armed Forces officials and others.