Crete drug lords in police battle

Cretan police trying to access a notorious belt of drug farms near the mountains of Rethymnon are reconsidering their tactics after coming under fire by Kalashnikov-wielding guards earlier this week, a local policeman has told Kathimerini. The «Devil’s triangle,» traced out by the villages of Anogeia, Zoniana and Livadia, has become «inaccessible,» according to the officer whose unit referred to a «state of complete lawlessness» following the attacks. Apart from providing a base for the island’s cannabis cultivation, the «triangle» is also believed to be a hub for trade in illegal arms and drugs. But cannabis is the focus, with special sprinklers set up to water the illegal plants and Albanians armed and under orders to fire at any perceived trespassers, the officer said. He added that hand grenades are often planted upon the steps leading to the cultivations to thwart police. Police have often played down incidents in the area in their reports so they won’t have to face the drug mavericks, the officer said.