Geographical distribution

At the moment Greece has 165 archaeological museums. Their geographical distribution, according to the Culture Ministry’s Department of Museums, Exhibitions and Educational Programs, is particularly interesting. Most are found in mainland Greece, which includes Attica (62 existing museums and 12 under construction or planned). Thrace has the fewest, with just six and another three in the planning phase. Attica alone has 22 museums, with two more under construction (the New Acropolis Museum and one at Salamina). One pleasant surprise is the number of museums in the Aegean islands (57, and another 15 in the planning stage), in the prefecture of Ileia (eight) and in the four prefectures of Thessaly (seven). The total are distributed as follows: Peloponnese (44 and 14 planned), mainland Greece (62 and 12 respectively), Thessaly (seven and one), Epirus (seven and four), Ionian Islands (11), Macedonia (33 and 10) Thrace (six and three), Crete (14 and four) and the Aegean islands (57 and 15).