The fortress of Christoupolis overlooks the coastal town of Kavala. This Byzantine monument, incorporated in the urban planning layout, is part of the town’s tableau and daily life. Discreet interventions on a limited scale have been the main focus of the plan for the maintenance and restoration of the three monuments situated in the interior enclosure of the acropolis site. Restorations of the circular tower as well as the storage room and guard room, as pointed out by researcher Sotiria Takou, aim to reveal the historical character of the monument and to restore its social function. The circular tower has a diameter of 10 meters and was built inside the oblique wall that divides the external from the internal enclosure. Its rooms, as has been suggested, can house an exhibition on the historical development of the city of Kavala while visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the city from its ramparts. The storage room where weapons and foodstuffs used to be kept is a solid rectangular construction. The spacious area inside the monument can be turned into rooms for various activities. The guard room that projects above the ramparts and which serves as a reference point for the city, has suffered the worst damage. As a result, urgent restoration of the building is necessary and there are plans to turn it into a children’s art workshop.