Landfill paperwork soon to be spadework

The process of alleviating Attica’s refuse problem by 2007 took off in earnest yesterday as regional officials began studying a clutch of surveys that have been submitted detailing plans for the construction of three new landfills. Seven studies concern the creation of a dump in Fyli, northwest Athens, and another six relate to plans to build a landfill in Keratea, east of Athens. The surveys for the planned landfill in Grammatiko, north of Athens, are due on Thursday. The construction of these dumps will allow authorities to close down the overstretched landfill at Ano Liosia, over which the government has clashed in recent months with local authorities and residents who have opposed the dumping of treated sewage there. If the process runs smoothly, authorities hope to issue the tenders for building the new landfills in about two months and have the whole undertaking completed in a year-and-a-half. However, they are worried that legal wrangles may hold up the process, as the municipalities of Keratea, Fyli and the community of Grammatiko have filed lawsuits with the Council of State, demanding that the dumps not be built in their areas.