Drive on to alter speed restrictions

Variable speed limits could soon be introduced on Greek roads in a bid to cut down on thousands of injuries and deaths each year after the Public Works Ministry yesterday commissioned a study into the feasibility of employing such a system on national roads around the country. Public Works Minister Giorgos Souflias approved the 153,000-euro report, which will try to develop the idea of enforcing a system whereby speed limits on highways are set according to the condition and layout of the road. If the plan is put into action then authorities will also be allowed to adjust the speed limits according to the weather conditions and the amount of traffic on the roads. This system has already been successfully employed with the use of electronic boards displaying the limit in several other countries, including the UK. The move comes just a day after the National Statistics Service said that car crashes this June were up by almost 18 percent on last year, resulting in 160 deaths and almost 2,300 serious and minor injuries.