Chemical regulations called for

Unionists, chemists and conservationists joined forces yesterday to call upon the government to support a European Union proposal aimed at controlling dangerous household chemicals suspected of causing cancers, allergies and other serious health problems. GSEE, Greece’s largest union group, as well as the Association of Greek Chemists (EEX) and WWF Hellas said in a joint press conference that the proposal, to be examined by the EU in November, is a unique opportunity for countries to ban dangerous chemicals used in everyday life. «From the 2,500 substances that have been found across the world, only 1 percent come with a complete file concerning its impact on health,» said EEX’s president Giorgos Dimopoulos. The EU is proposing to introduce a new system for testing a large range of chemicals and substances for their effects on the environment and human health in the form of the new Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) regulation.