PM backs UN call on terror

A resolution, adopted by the UN Security Council yesterday, calling on governments around the world to outlaw the incitement of terrorism, received the backing of the prime minister, who was in New York to attend a rare UN summit. Premier Costas Karamanlis is one of 150 world leaders attending the three-day summit which marks 60 years since the UN was founded. Greece is a current non-permanent member of the Security Council and, as such, backed the resolution on incitement of terrorism put forward by Britain. Karamanlis accepted that terrorism was «undoubtedly one of the most serious threats to peace and security,» but sounded a note of caution. «We believe the resolution should not affect the established rights of freedom of speech and non-repatriation,» said the prime minister in his address to the Security Council. The summit also called for leaders to approve reforms to the UN, which Karamanlis backed as well, calling for the organization to take on a more dynamic role. «The United Nations has to strengthen its role in the management, resolution and prevention of conflicts and their reappearance,» he said.