Two arrested in ATM card scam

Two men were arrested yesterday for running a high-tech scheme using forged ATM cards and miniscule cameras that netted them more than 100,000 euros, police said. The two Romanians, aged 32 and 28, are suspected of copying the magnetic strip of ATM cards used at 27 cash machines. Officers said they attached a recording mechanism to the swiping device that gives customers access to the entrances of banks where ATM machines are located. The men would then record the PIN number punched into the ATM with the help of a tiny camera they had attached to the machine. Police said this camera was only slightly bigger than the head of a pin. The two suspects then produced their own cash cards using the stolen data, withdrawing a total of 105,000 euros, authorities said. Officers said that they managed to track the men down via bank CCTV footage. Authorities suspect the two men are part of a larger gang that has set up a workshop producing illegal cash cards.