Acropolis rapist drugged victims

Police arrested yesterday a 49-year-old man accused of raping at least four female tourists near the Acropolis after offering them cheese pies spiked with sleeping pills. The man would approach the tourists at popular pedestrian routes in areas such as Plaka and introduce himself as a pilot before offering them a tour of the local sites. He then allegedly offered the visitors the cheese pies, or what he called a «Greek specialty,» before taking the tourists to a restaurant for wine or ouzo. Once the alcohol and sleeping pills kicked in, he took his victims to a local hotel, where he apparently raped them. He left two victims in the hotel rooms where he had taken them. He left another two close to their hotels. Police caught him after monitoring the area where he was approaching the tourists. The four victims were aged between 19 and 29 and were from Australia, Canada and Denmark. The man, a father of two, confessed to committing the crimes after one of his victims recognized him, police said.