Officials sling mud over strike at landfill

As rubbish starts to pile up across the city, the water board yesterday blamed municipal authorities for the ongoing strike by workers taking place at Attica’s only landfill. The president of the Athens Water Supply and Sewage Company (EYDAP), Costas Kostoulas, pointed the finger at the Union of Municipal Authorities in Attica (ESDKNA) and the Ano Liosia council for stirring the protest action called by the landfill’s 150 employees. Workers walked off the job on Monday night saying that conditions at the landfill are unbearable and a threat to their health due to the treated sewage being dumped there. The employees are demanding that the sludge be taken elsewhere, even though the landfill’s capacity was increased by 5 hectares in order to accept the treated sewage. Kostoulas said ESDKNA is aiming at sending the sludge elsewhere and also at holding on to the extra space as the dumping ground is getting full. The landfill must remain open in the area because the economic gains are enormous, Kostoulas said. According to local press reports, annual revenues from the landfill earn surrounding councils about 25 million euros. Meanwhile, the Athens City Council yesterday distributed notices to homes in the city calling on residents to keep their rubbish indoors and not put it in the roadside dumpsters which are not being emptied. Employees are scheduled to meet tomorrow to determine further action.