Legalization process

Immigrants wishing to apply for legal status must present the following documents at their local municipalities: 1. Proof of the length of their stay in Greece by December 31, 2004, namely any of the following: – Photocopy of passport showing entry date; – Certificate of application for residence permit on humanitarian grounds or exact copy of the application’s rejection; – Proof of social security payments; – Rejection of application for political asylum; – Proof of taxation number. 2. A certified statement that one’s reason for being in Greece is to work in a particular profession. The statement must include the names of family members and a declaration that the applicant has no criminal record. If the applicant has no particular profession, he or she should state the reason for being in Greece. 3. A passport or other travel document, apart from those whose application for political asylum was rejected. 4. A health certificate stating that the applicant is not suffering from any disease that poses a danger to the public. 5. Proof of purchase of at least 150 days’ worth of social security stamps. 6. Evidence of application for healthcare booklet. 7. A certificate of family status of dependent children, or birth certificates if the children were born in Greece. 8. A certified photocopy of applicant’s residence permit for nationals of third countries who are living legally in Greece and who are requesting a residence permit for a family member living illegally in Greece. On submission of the documents, the applicant will get a certificate which will serve as a temporary residence permit.