Traveling back through time

Who does not want to visit an archaeological site and have a go at experimental archaeology? Stratouli is already dreaming of a journey back in time. «The public will be able to take part in the activities of that time, chiseling stone and making tools, such as the point of an arrow. Organized projects will help to implement this idea, which is mainly addressed to children. We want the public to participate and the public itself loves such experiences. We do not want silent visitors, but people who will live such moments.» Avgi in Kastoria has the means to achieve something like this. Collecting the stones, of course, will not be done by the public, but they will be invited to make with their own hands tools similar to those of the Neolithic age. «They will get a better understanding of the abilities of the people who lived in the Neolithic settlement and their technology. We will provide an image of history with a different dimension.» Many believe cultural archaeological tourism is successful in various alternative forms. Avgi has other assets. The beautiful landscape already draws visitors and, together with the archaeological site, a link could be created with other prehistoric sites that are open to visitors in northwestern Greece and the Balkans.