Bone fears for Greek women

One in three Greek women under the age of 50 has reduced bone mass – which gradually leads to osteoporosis – largely because they fail to exercise and do not consume enough calcium, according to a survey made public yesterday. The Hellenic Society of Osteoporosis Patients’ Support presented the findings of a countrywide poll conducted on 4,500 adult women and found that eight in 10 exercise infrequently or never, while only about a third of those questioned consumed the required daily amount of calcium. Giorgos Lyritis, an associate professor at Athens University, said one of the survey’s most important findings was that six in 10 women have not undergone tests measuring their bone density. Of the total number of women surveyed, only 38 percent had normal bone mass while the majority – 45 percent – showed reduced bone density. The survey was conducted as part of the activities to be held for World Osteoporosis Day, on October 20.