Underage migrants are at risk

The lack of resources and legislation to deal with underage illegal immigrants in Greece has led to hundreds of minors, many of whom were laborers during the preparations for last year’s Olympics, being held in poor conditions, the Children’s Ombudsman said yesterday. The watchdog issued a report outlining the absence of measures and facilities to deal with some 200 underage migrants in custody in Greece. They often live in disheartening conditions and stay in the same facilities as adults. Giorgos Moschos, the Children’s Ombudsman, criticized the practice of minors who have been caught by police entering the country illegally being held with criminals. «Police chiefs themselves talks about shameful situations which do not flatter them,» Moschos told Kathimerini. «Policemen have not been trained to handle minors but they have to face the problem of resources since there are no places for the children to be kept,» he added. Moschos said the government has to spend money to create new facilities but seems reluctant to do so.