Greek flora holds cancer cures

Scientists suggested yesterday that Greek grandmothers who promote mountain tea as a panacea for most illnesses are remarkably close to the truth, as new tests have proved the drink helps in the prevention of cancer and osteoporosis. A team of Greek experts from the University of Athens Medical School (UAMS) unveiled yesterday the results of experiments they have been carrying out on a number of organic products found in Greece and their effect on humans. The products tested included chamomile, aniseed, pomegranates, strawberries, honey and royal jelly. The results of the experiments were made public at the first European conference titled «Forests, Trees and Human Health and Well-Being,» taking place in Thessaloniki until tomorrow. «It is the first time that the biological effects on the human organism of products from Greek flora are being investigated with scientific support,» said Paraskevi Moutsatsou, an associate professor at UAMS. «Using the chemical compounds that are found in the extracts, we can make medicines or enrich foods,» she added. The aim of the conference is to examine the effectiveness as well as raise awareness of alternative forms of medicine and the therapeutic effects of natural resources. Moutsatsou said the tests conducted by her team discovered that organic products found in relative abundance in many parts of Greece were useful in protecting against breast cancer in particular, as well as other forms of the disease, and osteoporosis. A study released this week by the Hellenic Society for the Support of Osteoporosis Patients found that one in three Greek women under 50 has reduced bone mass, which gradually leads to osteoporosis.