Zisis nears Supreme Court exit

The vice president of the Supreme Court, Achilleas Zisis, who was suspended earlier this month, will face a disciplinary committee which will decide whether he is to be fired, Justice Minister Anastassis Papaligouras said yesterday. The minister made the decision after being given a report on Zisis by Supreme Court prosecutor Dimitris Linos. After allegedly attempting to influence the outcome of several trials, Zisis has been charged with multiple counts of dereliction of duty and with breaching the law on his declaration of assets. Papaligouras, however, did not make public the details of the report compiled by Linos. «A minister is not a judge,» he said. «His role is… to ensure that the effort to fully restore Greek justice in the public conscience is completed without exceptions.» The minister said that since January, when the judicial system became embroiled in a series of scandals, seven officials have been fired, charges have been brought against 15, six have been temporarily suspended, while the bank accounts of 36 judges and prosecutors are currently being checked.