Giant souvlaki set to grab chunk of history

A Patras taverna owner will today attempt to set a new world record by making a gyros souvlaki (doner kebab) which will weigh some 1,850 kilos and will need 300 kilos of herbs and spices for added flavor. On Friday, Costas Dasios began setting up the structure to roast the meat. It involves a 1.73-meter stainless steel skewer surrounded by 72 grills and powered by a 4-horsepower motor. A 2-ton natural gas tank will provide the fuel for the effort, which should see Dasios enter the Guinness Book of World Records. The current record was set in Cyprus by Lebanese restaurateur Sami Eid, who in June cooked an 1,814-kilo gyros souvlaki made from some 2,150 chickens. Dasios has set up his structure in Patras harbor and is due to start cooking the meat at 9 a.m. for around four hours. The souvlaki will be cut into portions weighing 100 grams.