Convict in care after big chase

A convicted murderer recently released from jail was being treated in a hospital last night following a high-speed chase through the streets of Corinth, after he and another man shot the owners of a motorcycle store while attempting to collect debts, police said. Panayiotis Vlastos, who has been convicted of murder and attempted homicide, appeared at the motorcycle store in Corinth, west of Athens, along with a second man and demanded repayment of a debt on behalf of a third party. The debt collectors then shot the two store owners – one in the arm and the other in the leg – after being turned down, and got away by motorbike. However, a police pursuit followed and their motorbike crashed into a car, resulting in the two men being taken to hospital, where they are being kept under heavy police guard. Vlastos, 34, was released from jail a few months ago after serving only four years of a 25-year sentence he had been handed for his involvement in a shootout that seriously injured two policemen.