No child support

«Studies show that most single mothers, about 70 percent, who raise their children on their own rarely get support,» says Tsitsipa. «The woman goes to court, the judgment for child support comes out, and the man decides to return to court instead of giving the woman the support she has won. «And because the whole process for women is time-consuming and soul-destroying and costs money, she decides not to continue the trial and instead takes on the responsibility herself.» Threatened «Other women don’t even try for child support. Others get by on a little bit of support, hoping that the father will at some point understand and give some financial and perhaps emotional support to his children. Unmarried mothers don’t try at all to get the fathers of their children to recognize their children or to get some support from them because they’re afraid. «Many times, the women are threatened: ‘Don’t you dare ask for support.’ Others are afraid that the fathers or someone could take their child – if he is financially stable. Still others say ‘I don’t want my child to have that kind of father.’»