Migrants to serve in police?

Enlisting migrants into the police force will help law enforcers fight their own racist attitude toward foreigners, the Panhellenic Confederation of Police Officers (POASY) said yesterday. At a conference held by the policemen’s union yesterday, POASY President Dimitris Kyriazidis put forward the proposal as part of a 10-point plan that could help Greece reduce problems with migrants and avoid possible incidents of urban unrest similar to those seen recently in France. Improved conditions for detention of illegal immigrants and a crackdown on people-smuggling operations were among the other measures proposed by Kyriazidis. According to police, there were 44,987 illegal immigrants detained in Greece last year versus 51,031 in 2003. Authorities noted that only 20 percent of migrants are deported back to their countries as their governments often reject their re-entry due to the fact that they do not have any paperwork on them.