Tadic: Change only by consensus

In a written statement to Kathimerini on the 10th anniversary of the Dayton Accords, Serbia-Montenegro President Boric Tadic commented as follows: «The objective of the Dayton Accords was first of all to bring peace to Bosnia-Herzegovina. This objective was fully achieved. A multiethnic society has been built up on the framework of Bosnia-Herzegovina, in which three ethnic communities – Serb, Bosniac and Croatian – are open not only to political but also to economic cooperation.» As for talk of revising the accords, Tadic insisted on the need for consensus: «Belgrade and Zagreb must support whatever agreement the three peoples of Bosnia-Herzegovina arrive at. I emphasize that – only if the three peoples agree. Any solution which is imposed and is not the fruit of discussion could have a negative effect on the political situation in the region and destabilize it.» As president of a country which has signed the accords, Tadic said he would oppose any unilateral decisions to change the structure of Bosnia-Herzegovina, and in particular the position of the Serb Republic within it. The president concluded by repeating that he was in favor of all existing states retaining their present borders.