Holy Synod hits back in row over separation

The Holy Synod of the Church of Greece yesterday accused left-wing politicians who proposed a separation between the Church and state of attempting to «weaken Christian faith» and create an atheist society. The Synod issued its statement after PASOK-affiliated MPs Stefanos Manos and Andreas Andrianopoulos, with the support of Synaspismos Left Coalition, and the Communist Party submitted proposals in Parliament on Thursday, which suggested, among other things, that the Church be responsible for paying the wages of its clergy and that civil weddings be made compulsory. «The Church is saddened that… some people are rushing recklessly to demolish people’s faith instead of strengthening it as a vital element for inner fulfillment, national unanimity and social cohesion,» the Synod said, warning that only the Greek people could make «big decisions.»