Busy Greeks close the book on reading

Two in three Greeks admit to not reading a single book during the course of the entire year, mostly because they do not have any time to devote to reading, according to a poll made public yesterday. Just under 40 percent of those questioned said they did not read books due to a lack of time, but 18 percent admitted they simply did not like reading. A quarter of respondents to the survey conducted by VPRC on behalf of the state-run National Book Center (EKEBI) said they read between one and nine books in a year. Newspapers appear to fare only slightly better, as 22 percent of the 2,861 people polled read a paper every day while 39 percent said that they never read one. Greeks also shun other cultural activities, according to the poll which showed that 62 percent did not visit the cinema and 83 percent did not go to the theater last year.