Hospital’s cleanliness questioned

A few weeks after an Athens hospital was accused of serving its patients soup that contained a piece of rat, new checks on the country’s largest state hospital have revealed several health violations. Athens prefecture officials examined several parts of Evangelismos hospital in Kolonaki, central Athens, after receiving an anonymous complaint about its conditions. Inspection teams said they found cockroaches in the kitchen and cobwebs in the food storage area. «It is unacceptable that the country’s largest hospital has these sort of problems,» Athens Prefect Yiannis Sgouros said yesterday. «It is clearly an issue of management,» he added. «The right measures need to be taken so that we can get rid of these health problems.» The checks also found that out of the 90 people employed in the kitchen, three did not have health insurance. Another 15 uninsured workers work as cleaning, food preparation and storage service staff, officials found.