Thieves make slow getaway

Two thieves who wished staff at a bank in Arachova, central Greece, a «Merry Christmas» after they held up the branch yesterday were forced to use three different getaway cars after the first one got stuck in the village’s narrow streets and the second broke down after a few minutes. The robbers stole 140,000 euros from the branch of the National Bank of Greece in the village, on Mount Parnassus, which is popular with skiers. They had driven to the bank in a jeep but when they tried to make their escape, the vehicle proved too wide for Arachova’s lanes. The pair then forced a man out of his car at gunpoint and attempted to get away. But the vehicle was found less than 2 kilometers down the road by police. They said the robbers were forced to abandon it after it broke down. They stopped another driver, forced him out of his car and made off in the vehicle, eluding the chasing officers.