Two shot in store robbery

Two people were shot and injured at an electrical appliances store in Athens yesterday by two robbers who held up a security truck and then stole 40,000 euros, police said. The armed robbers raided the Kotsovolos store in Kallithea, southern Athens, at 10 a.m. Police said the robbers struck as soon as the armored truck arrived at the shop to collect cash from the tills. One of the suspects followed a guard to a basement where the store manager was about to hand over a sack containing 40,000 euros. The robber threatened them with a gun and grabbed the money. The robber was tackled by a 68-year-old retired policeman. The robber fired at the man, injuring him in the stomach and the hand. A second shot struck the store manager in the stomach. The robbers escaped on a motorcycyle and the two injured men were taken to the hospital, where they were in stable condition last night.