Terrorists blame police for injuries

The far left group Revolutionary Struggle, which claimed responsibility for the bombing of the Economy and Finance Ministry, blamed police yesterday for the three people injured in the attack and threatened a new cycle of violence against authorities. In a proclamation published in the weekly Pontiki newspaper, the group explained that last Monday’s bomb attack was planned in a way to avoid causing physical harm to people. «The attack was aimed at causing only material damage,» read the eight-page proclamation. «The exclusive responsibility for the people slightly injured lies with the British- and American-trained police who proved to be idiotic and dangerously incapable,» it added. Group members called the police twice about the explosion some 30 minutes before the bomb went off. There were suggestions that the police bungled how they handled the information and the ensuing chaos after the bomb. An investigation into what went wrong has been launched. Revolutionary Struggle says it wants to wage war on the free market policies of the conservative government and attacked the United States, which it accused of pressuring Greece into buying American military jets. The group added in its proclamation that it targeted the Economy and Finance Ministry for causing or deepening problems for workers. The group has claimed responsibility for four major bombings, including an attack on the Labor Ministry in May in which nobody was hurt.