Horses of Souli being monitored

Campaigners said yesterday that they have been watching the movement of wild horses in the mountainous Souli region of Epirus during the current cold spell so they can decide where to build shelters for the animals to prevent them from dying. There are some 50 wild horses that roam the Souli mountains in herds of six to 10 beasts. However, at least 100 of the animals are thought to have starved to death earlier this year after getting trapped in snowdrifts during last winter. The Public Works and Environment Ministry said in September that it would work with the local authorities to build stables and a system of troughs to supply the horses with food and water. Nikos Stratis, the head of the Souli Confederation, a local non-governmental organization, told Kathimerini that campaigners are now trying to work out where the horses congregate during the winter months so the shelters can be built there. Stratis said that three colts had been spotted among the herds this year. Local authorities said they have formed teams to help guide the horses to safe ground if there is heavy snow.