TV lawyers get a telling-off

Three lawyers will have to give to written explanations to the Athens Bar Association (ABA) about their behavior on television news programs after the body accused them yesterday of dragging their profession into disrepute. The three lawyers are Alexis Kouyias, Giorgos Alfantakis and Frangiskos Ragousis. The ABA has given them five days to explain why they «repeatedly expose, sully and drag through the mire the legal profession with their behavior on television.» Kouyias and Alfantakis have engaged in heated arguments on numerous television and radio programs in recent days, accusing each other of being involved in alleged trial-fixing rings and exercising influence over judges to gain favorable rulings. Neither lawyer has been charged with such offenses so far. Ragousis is representing the Pakistani migrants who claim they were abducted by secret agents. The ABA blasted the lawyer because he allowed a journalist to ridicule him while he was speaking about his case on television.