Ministers’ press conference last week leaves gaps in information

Many questions are storming around the phone-tapping scandal, including: – How did the bugs get into the Vodaphone system? – Who drew up the list of victims? – Were those numbers the only ones monitored? – Has the government resolved the mystery and kept quiet to avoid political and diplomatic repercussions? – Why was the spy software deactivated before the government was informed? – What about other firms with similar software? – Was the same software activated after the murder (by November 17 terrorists) of British Defense Attache Stephen Saunders and until the arrest of N17? – Why was Vodafone chosen and not other firms? – Did the suicide of a Vodafone technician on March 9, 2005, have anything to do with the phone-tapping? – Is it a coincidence that those whose phones were tapped were also the objects of a surveillance operation during 2001? – Why wasn’t the operation uncovered during the Olympics? – How does Ericsson explain its knowledge of the source code and the infiltration of its software? – Were there violations of privacy legislation? – Why didn’t the members of the Privacy of Communications Authority resign when they found out that neither Vodafone nor the government had briefed them?