Women rout thieves with broom and shouts

Two men who decided to rob two kiosks in the town of Volos, central Greece, on Monday night chose them because the sole attendants were women, whom they considered to be easy targets. But they were foiled on both occasions when the women chased them away, unalarmed by the fake pistol one of them was carrying. Evangelos Mantzafleris, 21, and Ioannis Tzorbatzis, 23, both unemployed, set out on a stolen motorcycle and picked their first kiosk, their faces masked. When Mantzafleris, armed with the fake gun, approached the woman and demanded the day’s takings, she called for help and shouted a variety of insults at the pair, who subsequently fled. Not to be discouraged, the two then looked for another kiosk with a woman attendant. This time, when Mantzafleris demanded her money, the woman grabbed a broom and brandished it at the two, chasing them away. Police arrested the two men a few hours later. The conditions included a demand for parliamentary enactment of an amnesty law for all former ethnic Albanian rebels who fought Slav-Macedonian police during the insurgency, and for the release of all alleged political prisoners as well as a demand that only ethnic Albanian policemen patrolled their community in the northwestern Tetovo region.

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