Police and fire chiefs are named

Top defense and security officials yesterday appointed new leaders for the police and fire brigade as part of changes to the top layers of the emergency services spurred after the appointment of Vyron Polydoras as public order minister. The Government Council on Foreign Policy and Defense (KYSEA) selected Lieutenant General Anastassis Dimoschakis as the new head of the Greek police. Dimoschakis, 50, had previously led the Police General Staff. He replaces Giorgos Angelakos, who resigned after Polydoras made it clear he would replace him. KYSEA also appointed Lieutenant General Andreas Kois as the new head of the fire service after his predecessor also resigned. Kois, 65, was previously deputy chief. Polydoras said the appointments were unanimous. He added that he had asked for the previous police and fire chiefs to resign because their tenure was ending, hence making it inappropriate for them to make major decisions. Lieutenant General Dimitris Grapsas was made head of the army yesterday.