Empty village has busy clinic

A medical center operating in Athens’s Olympic Village has received 3,500 visits from local residents in about six months despite the accommodation area being only marginally used, data showed yesterday. Figures from the medical center showed that it is being visited by residents in neighboring municipalities as the area it was built to serve only houses 130 families. The 270-million-euro Olympic Village housed athletes, officials and coaches during the Athens Olympics and comprises some 2,300 apartments. However, there have been delays in low-income families moving in due to problems relating to poor workmanship and in finding a manager for the site. Athanassios Papamichos, the health center’s managing director, told Kathimerini that the center has been operating on a trial basis since August. The clinic operates five mornings a week but is scheduled to stretch its hours into the afternoon, with 200 staff, once more families move into the Olympic Village.